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Air Cylinder Body Requires Low COF
Air Cylinder Body Requires Low COF

A manufacturer of wire stripping equipment for use in the electronics industry required a coating for air cylinder bodies that were used in the machines.  The manufacturer had four key requirements for any coating applied to the aluminum parts: permanent lubricity, galling resistance, wear resistance and a low co-efficient of friction.

Developed for use on aluminum alloys, TUFRAM creates a steel-hard, dry-lubricated surface that reduces abrasion and corrosion, and resists wear and galling.  It also provides a smooth, slippery surface with a very low COF and permits the use of lighter-weight aluminum as a replacement for heavier metals (e.g., steel).  Coating the parts with TUFRAM not only solved the wear and galling issues, it provided the additional benefit of power savings due to the low COF TUFRAM provides.

Tufram is a superior alternatiave to other common industry coatings including hard anodize, hard anodize polymer impregnated (PTFE), hardcoat anodize, and sulfuric anodize.