General Magnaplate Texas recently increased its NEDOX® capacity to better service our customers. We can process parts up to 20 feet in length, up to 3.5 tons and up to 25 inches in diameter in the longest tanks in the south and southwest USA. We can also provide our customers with electroless nickel plating utilizing these larger processing tanks. Parts such as a 6" diameter x 15’ long extruder shaft used to move PPE in the petrochemical industry, and a 15’ long rotor used down-hole for the oil and gas industry can now be coated at our Arlington, Texas facility. 

General Magnaplate proudly celebrated its 60th anniversary at three separate locations this year: the USS Intrepid Museum in NY, the Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington, TX and at the Squashed Grapes Winery in California.


The celebration at the USS Intrepid was particularly apt because of General Magnaplate’s long history of working on defense applications. The USS Intrepid also known as The Fighting “I”, is one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. She is the fourth US Navy ship to bear the name. Commissioned in August 1943, Intrepid participated in several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations, most notably the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The carrier was used to recover Mercury and Gemini astronauts during the 1960’s when they splashed down into ocean after Earth orbit during the early days of America’s space program. The entire staff from the New Jersey plant visited the great aircraft carrier and were also able to see the Enterprise space shuttle which is on display at the Intrepid.


Texas celebrated the 60th anniversary with America’s favorite pasttime at the Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington. They really hit it out of the park that night!


The California plant celebrated the anniversary in style at one of the State’s premier wineries. Magnaplate’s coatings are used in bottling and labeling lines around the world,  always nice to sample some of the product too!  

The installation of solar panels on the roof of General Magnaplate’s Ventura, California facility has helped us become even more ‘green’.  Electrical consumption has been cut by 55-100% depending on the month of the year and available daylight.  In addition, energy from the panels being fed back into the grid on weekends as well as before and after working hours has enabled the Ventura plant to be billed at about a 55% lower rate.  This will provide several thousand dollars in savings each year for the facility and help the environment at the same time.  

General Magnaplate celebrated its 60th anniversary with a visit to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, to view the newly installed space shuttle Enterprise.  Unfortunately, the shuttle and its protective pavilion sustained damage during Superstorm Sandy.  We have made our 2012 Holiday donation to the Intrepid Museum to support their efforts to make repairs and reopen to the public. We also contribute to these organizations: Heifer International, American Red Cross, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Special Olympics,Kaleidoscope of Hope, American Cancer Society, and our local emergency services and food bank. May the spirit of the holiday season inspire you! 

General Magnaplate is proudly celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year and the timing could not be better as it coincides with the successful launch of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule. Dr. Charles P. Covino, affectionately known as “Doc”, established the company in 1952 and the rest, as they say is history. Candi Aversenti, CEO of General Magnaplate, comments, “We are extremely proud to be celebrating sixty years in business, but more so we are proud to celebrate sixty years of serving our customers, sixty years of improving the quality of our customers’ products, and sixty years of contributing to some of mankind’s most valuable products and endeavors, including the NASA space program. General Magnaplate has a long history in the U.S. space program and the Company’s coatings have been utilized by NASA for coating mission-critical parts on virtually every vehicle sent into space.” “With such a strong aerospace background, General Magnaplate’s coatings were a natural choice” adds Candi Aversenti. “Our coatings have been engineered to withstand the harshest of environments, and for 60 years they have proven their ability to perform in mission-critical situations such as space flight.”

SpaceX holds a $1.6 billion contract with NASA to fly 12 unmanned supply missions to the space station, and the Dragon is the first privately developed spacecraft to visit the International Space Station. Dragon is not only the first privately developed spacecraft to successfully return from Earth orbit, but it is also the only reusable spacecraft in operation today. Aversenti continues, “We understand that space travel is one of the most exciting yet most difficult of all human endeavors. General Magnaplate is constantly innovating and developing new coating technologies and are proud that our coatings are playing a part in the dawn of a new age of space travel. This is another momentous step in the 60 year history of our company.” 

Robotic Arm Grapples SpaceX Dragon at International Space Station

Congratulations Candi!

General Magnaplate’s staff, customers and vendors would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Candi Aversenti, CEO of General Magnaplate, on her 30 years of service at the Company and also to mark the celebration of her 60th birthday! Dr. Covino established General Magnaplate the year that Candi was born. After joining the company in 1982, she took over the reins from her father as CEO in 1999. Dr. Covino sadly left us in 2007 at the age of 82 but his spirit of invention and pushing the boundaries of coatings technology remains strong at the Company. 

Remembering Dr. Charles P. Covino, General Magnaplate’s founding father.

Candi Aversenti celebrates 30 years at General Magnaplate.

General Magnaplate California installed 668 solar panels on the roof of our plant in Ventura in December 2011.  We worked with a local solar company, Coastal Solar, and our local power company, Southern California Edison.  The installation costs were partly offset by state incentives and federal tax credits.  So far, we have been able to cut our electricity expense in half, and have been able to provide power back to the grid on low usage days and weekends.  The introduction of solar power in our Ventura plant has not only reduced operating costs, but also presented an opportunity to support local businesses! 

NASA’s Rover Curiosity has begun sending images back from the surface of Mars, including panoramas of the Gale Crater landing site.  Over the course of a full Martian year (687 Earth days), Curiosity will analyze samples of soil and rocks looking for signs of past life.  Click here for the latest updates on the Rover and images.  

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The countdown continues as NASA prepares for the landing of Curiosity on Mars.  The Rover is a mobile laboratory; its 23 month long mission – to find evidence if conditions have been favorable to microbial life on Mars. NASA has even created a free 3D app for iPhone and iPad detailing the robotic elements of the Rover and two other spacecraft.  

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