In lieu of holiday gifts this year, General Magnaplate has become a member of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s Anchor Society. The Society supports the Museum’s innovative education programs, exhibitions and maintenance of their extensive collection of historic artifacts.  Since 1982, the mission of the Intrepid, a National Historic Landmark, has been to promote the awareness and understanding of history, science and service through its collections, exhibitions and programming in order to honor our heroes, educate the public and inspire youth.  Previously, General Magnaplate contributed to Project Enterprise, to rebuild the pavilion damaged by Superstorm Sandy which houses the Space Shuttle Enterprise onboard Intrepid. 

To learn more about the Anchor Society, visit

General Magnaplate’s new 10K series of high-performance coatings has been developed to deliver outstanding release properties to ferrous and non-ferrous parts exposed to continuous temperatures of up to 900°F, or intermittent temperatures of 1000°F.

Ideal for use in food processing and packaging applications, which often require the use of high-temperature baking ovens, the FDA-compliant series of water-based coatings provides parts with a low coefficient of friction, low surface energy and high water repellency. The 10K series coatings also protect the substrate from oxidation at high temperatures.

In addition to providing the release properties required for these types of applications, the low coefficient of friction delivered by the 10K series also ensures an easy-to-clean surface which reduces the need for caustic and acidic chemical wash-down solutions. The coatings deliver abrasion resistance, for longer part lifetime, and corrosion resistance to protect against wash-down solutions, where required.

According to Edmund Aversenti, COO/President of General Magnaplate, until now coatings have typically struggled to perform under these types of elevated temperatures, including fluoropolymer coatings. “The extremely high temperature tolerance of the 10K series of coatings opens new possibilities for the food processing and packaging industries, where coatings have failed to beat the heat. For example, packaging throughput can be increased by using higher temperatures to increase the speed of sealing operations.”

General Magnaplate has announced the launch of Magnamax-HT™, a new solid lubricant coating that offers low friction properties to metal parts for lubricity and release at temperatures up to 550°C.

Magnamax-HT can be added to many of General Magnaplate’s existing, industry-tested coatings (including Nedox® and Plasmadize®) to enable them to withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 850°C* (or 1400°C in vacuum and 1800°C in inert gas) where conventional dry-film lubricants/polymers fail to perform.

Magnamax-HT delivers friction properties as low as 0.168 (static) and 0.179 (dynamic) at room temperature and as low as 0.266 at 800°C. Suited to tribological applications, the new coating technology meets the demand for greater release properties and lubricity with higher temperature stability. As well as offering thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, the coating also resists oxidization

Edmund Aversenti, COO/President of General Magnaplate, comments, “We are proud that this highly innovative coatings technology is environmentally friendly and non-toxic too because it does not contain any fluorocarbons or graphite. Environmentally-conscious manufacturers will also be pleased to know that when added to Magnaplate’s existing coatings, Magnamax-HT can also lower friction by 50 per cent or more, which directly reduces energy consumption.”

*Independent test data available directly from General Magnaplate

General Magnaplate's new MAGnanoSHIELD® coating technology provides antimicrobial protection for metal parts while delivering a low coefficient of friction, water-resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, and release properties. The coating technology protects against the risk for contamination to equipment during the manufacturing process that can lead to food borne diseases.

Offering a bacterial reduction of greater than 99.9999 percent*, MAGnanoSHIELD can augment many of General Magnaplate's industry-tested, FDA-compliant protective coatings. The combination of MAGnanoSHIELD with these coatings (including Nedox® and Tufram®) offers tremendous functionality to design engineers, while improving corporate sanitation and health programs. Adding MAGnanoSHIELD does not change the visual appearance of the coating.

Applications for the new coatings technology include food processing and packaging equipment, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging, medical devices and cookware manufacturing.

Depending on the requirement of the application, the coating prolongs part life by protecting it against wear and abrasion. Additionally, the low coefficient of friction also ensures an easy-to-clean surface which reduces the need forcaustic and acidic chemical wash-down solutions. Corrosion resistance will protect against wash-down solutions, where required.

*validated by independent test laboratories in both US and Japan -- test data available directly from General Magnaplate.

General Magnaplate Corporation has announced that AHC Benelux is now licensed to offer European customers its Lectrofluor® coating in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. In addition, AHC Benelux (which already offers Tufram®, Nedox®, HMF® and Hi-T-Lube®) has also been appointed General Magnaplate’s exclusive licensee for Germany.

The Lectrofluor series of high-technology, polymer-based, surface enhancement coatings provides superior resistance to metal parts and equipment subjected to corrosion, chemicals and abrasive wear (especially from slurries). Coatings in this series also exhibit excellent release characteristics and many of them meet FDA, USDA, CFIA and CFIA codes - making them ideal for use in food, pharmaceutical and external medical applications.

“We are excited to be able to offer the Lectrofluor coatings to our customer-base because FDA-approval is critical for those companies exporting parts to the US,” reported Thorsten Karla, Sales Manager for AHC. “Lectrofluor expands our offering because it’s a lower cost for option for customers who only require release properties, or have mixed-metal parts that require both wear protection and release properties.

?Edmund Aversenti, COO of General Magnaplate, added, “AHC has been a tremendous licensee for General Magnaplate in Europe, and we are excited to be building upon this relationship with the addition of Lectrofluor and their exclusive right to Germany. Like General Magnaplate, AHC places a strong emphasis on solving problems for its customers and offers a great deal of technical expertise.”

General Magnaplate Corporation has awarded a license to Precision Surface Technologies (PST) of Grimsby, ON, for its Dynaloy™ enhanced proprietary chrome process. Dynaloy protects any base metal part (except Magnesium) against wear, galling, friction and corrosion. The award follows increased demand for the Dynaloy process in Canada, while PST also has the capability to process vary large parts with a hard chrome coating.

"As the industry leader, General Magnaplate is constantly striving to improve the delivery of its coatings technology," reports Ed Aversenti, COO of General Magnaplate. "We are pleased to announce that PST will be our new licensee in Canada, providing our customers with high quality service, large-scale capabilities and unmatched industry expertise."

Aversenti continues, "Dynaloy has rewritten the specifications of leading machine tool builders by establishing new standards for increased life and extended serviceability of machine guides. Parts can be processed at any stage of their service life without the need for expensive machining operations to follow, which greatly reduces turnaround time and saves money."

General Magnaplate's Dynaloy creates a micro-surface that delivers extreme abrasion resistance with no edge build-up or micro cracks, to ensure optimal protection without affecting the tolerances of metal parts. Dynaloy coatings reproduce, with precise detail, the surface morphology of the original metallic substrate. After processing, parts exhibit an attractive silver matte finish.

Greg Schneider, President of Precision Surface Technologies, comments, "Dynaloy is a much sought after process in Canada, and now customers can look forward to our increased capabilities as we will be able to process parts up to 22 feet in length, 60 inches in diameter, and weighing up to 24,000 pounds. In addition, customers requiring grinding and other machining services on large steel parts (up to 36 feet in length, 60 inches in diameter and weighing 66,000 pounds) can have it completed under one roof. This will reduce delivery times, reduce handling and ensure consistent ISO quality."

Tufram® 641 is a new coating developed by General Magnaplate to increase the cleanability of aluminum parts while also creating a steel-hard surface that increases durability and protects against corrosion.

The release properties provided by Tufram 641 ensure that substances can be easily removed from aluminum parts without the need for corrosive and damaging cleaning solvents.   Ink can be easily wiped off rollers and ink pans, biological materials can be easily cleaned from clinical diagnostic equipment, and sticky foodstuffs removed from dairy mixers and food processing equipment.

In the case of the clinical and medical industry, Tufram 641's properties also protect diagnostic equipment from high and low pH reagents that can stain and corrode aluminum parts.  Tufram 641 meets all USDA, FDA, NSF and CFIA codes.

According to General Magnaplate, the need for less cleaning time, the reduced requirement for corrosive cleaning solvents, and the increased hardness of the part's surface all combine to increase the lifespan of aluminum parts and increase production efficiency.

General Magnaplate has developed a range of metal coatings designed to increase the performance and lifespan of food processing equipment by adding hardness to the parts to protect them against wear, abrasion, corrosion, friction and galling.  Recently, the Company also received certification from NSF for its revised standard for food equipment materials used in food service equipment, 'NSF 51'.

Magnaplate's TUFRAM coating combines the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramic with the properties of selected proprietary polymers, providing aluminum parts with new levels of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, and permanent lubricity.   The hardness of the coatings ensures minimal production downtime for food processing equipment, while the lubricity makes equipment easier to clean and assures efficient mold release in appropriate food applications.

Another one of Magnaplate's coatings range, NEDOX, increases the performance of all types of metals, including aluminum.  NEDOX, a multi-step proprietary process, permanently combines the advantages of hard coat plating with the controlled infusion of low-friction polymers and dry lubricants.  Food processing engineers can boost performance while reducing cost by substituting NEDOX-coated low cost ferrous and non-ferrous alloys for more expensive metals.

General Magnaplate's coatings meet USDA, FDA, NSF and CFIA codes.

Molding Technology Slashes Processing Time and Costs

A breakthrough development by General Magnaplate Corporation in layup-molding technology promises to deliver considerable time reductions and cost savings for fabricators of parts constructed from composite materials.

Edmund V. Aversenti, General Magnaplate's Chief Operating Officer, reports that his company's CMPT® process reduces the total time needed to make large all-metal lay-up molds for complex reinforced composites from the current six-to-twelve month period to as little as six weeks, while also slashing tooling capital investment by one-third.

Says Aversenti, "Tools manufactured by General Magnaplate with the CMPT process reproduce fine pattern detail, with dimensionally stability, and the process is consistent with traditional EDM finished tooling. CMPT represents a quantum leap in the composite fabrication industry, making it possible to drastically lower the final cost for many molded, complex-shaped parts, especially those with contours. Such contoured composite parts are used in applications as diverse as Stealth bombers and refrigerator doors."
CMPT is a dense, multi-directional, all-metal-weaving process which eliminates the need to machine layup-molds out of large, heavy metal ingots or castings that require so much time to fabricate. It combines the accuracy, precision, and good surface quality previously available only after machining. It enables high-temperature tooling for long or short production runs for cures up to 750° F. The toolface can be made from any alloy, from aluminum to zinc, including high nickel INVAR.

Aversenti continues, "Depending on the size of the tool face (Magnaplate currently has the capacity to make tool faces up to 12-feet square) this robotically controlled process can take from a few hours to several days. When completed, the tool face is ready for use after being positioned on a flex-contour holding table for stability."

"The shorter lead times lower costs of CMPT will permit more frequent model changes by larger companies as they quickly adjust designs to consumer tastes. A customized tool-leasing program being developed allows smaller companies   to board the "composite express" by manufacturing and selling complex shapes without making major capital investments and without long lead times between concepts and salable products."

All five General Magnaplate plants - Linden NJ, Arlington TX, Ventura CA, and Ajax, Ontario are already capable of creating toolfaces with the CMPT process. Magnaplate has licensees in Sweden, The Netherlands, the UK, and Germany.

Last December, General Magnaplate’s employees collected much-needed items for our troops and sent them to the 576th Engineer Company at Shindand Airbase in Afghanistan. The Company was so grateful for the care package they received and for being remembered during the holidays that they sent us a certificate of appreciation, signed by their First Sergeant and Commanding Officer. General Magnaplate is proud to support our troops and has already decided to tie in our annual Earth Day celebration later this month with another care package for them in remembrance of Memorial Day. We are asking our employees to bring in supermarket plastic bags for recycling, and for each employee that contributes, we will set aside money to purchase items for our soldiers. Look for a future post for more details.  

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